A three syllable word used by red-necks to refer to their home or place of residence.
Redneck: I know it's hard to believe but I finally saved up enough money and bought my own trai-a-ler.

Employer: . . . I believe you.
by Mandy82 January 17, 2008
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A faggot ass tree choppin bitch and there moms a thot
That dude (once-ler) is gay
by Yourmommanigga March 2, 2015
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Running around on a skate ramp acting like you ahve rollerblades on.
by ZOMGROFLMFAOBBQ August 11, 2009
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A common identification used by pedophiles who also commonly enjoy getting pegged.
Hey, that dude goes by hit/ler. Do you think we should call the cops?
by sixteenfourteen March 14, 2021
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A person who reaches their 20th birthday as a virgin but tries to get laid and always fails due to a lack of game.
Guy1: Look at Jimmy he tries so hard...
Guy2: Ya but he always ends up pullin a Hy-Ler!
by BigWillie1986 July 2, 2006
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When you've "glowed up" a couple of times, and you've also "glowed down" a couple of times, but you're still a bad bitch!!
"Yeah, I lost 200lbs and got rid of my ache, and yeah, I've put 80lbs back on and am not looking as fresh, but to paraphrase Ronan Keating 'Life is a glow-ler-coaster, you just gotta ride it'. You still can't fuck with me!"
by hofe18 July 22, 2018
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