The African white Mmoatia which were captured by Krampus and sold to St. Nick as slaves. Once the Roman Empire emerged, the North Pole was conquered and the elves were freed. So grateful the elves felt indebted to the Romans and have ever since watched over and protected the Romans most valued object, Gold.
Leprechauns are famously known from Irish folklore but their origins are far more diverse.
by Fourveinte August 23, 2018
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A short and mad little ginger shet that shits on your property. Though they are strictly found in Ireland, they can also be found in Scotland. They roam around, shitting on whatever property that comes across their path.
"Damn it! those leprechauns just did a big shet on me boot!"
"Feck off, bloody leprechauns!"
by Good_Sir June 13, 2018
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A heterosexual male working in a predominately female profession who is convinced that he is more attractive than he really is because there is no competition. The resulting inflated self image produces a persecution complex wherein Leprechaun becomes convinced that female coworkers are lusting for him and believes that they are always after his Lucky Charms.
I tried to tell him his fly was open but he's such a Leprechaun he assumed I was hitting on him.
by Whiteroses January 25, 2009
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A leprechaun is a fictional character which you would come across in Irish folk lore. It is not - as believed by most Americans - something you are ever going to come across in The Republic of Ireland. Leprechauns are usually portrayed wearing shamrock green garments and are being about one foot tall. In the FAIRY TALES if you come across a leprechaun he will lead you to his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
American Tourist walks up to red-haired Irish child
American Tourist: Are you a leprechaun?
Irish Child: Fuck off.
Irish Child then beats the shit out of American Tourist and leaves him/her for dead.
by Irish_Girl95 July 11, 2008
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Any Ginger, over the age of 18, but under the height of 5'5".
Bill- Did you see that Leprechaun at the mall today?

Ted- Why yes, he was quite an angry little fellow.
by Augh Man 1 April 8, 2009
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The Leprechaun is a creature seperate from all other creatures and is infact, its very own genus. There three humours to a Leprechaun and they are malice, hatred and whisky. Only when these three are in perfect balance does a Leprechaun reach its healthiest state. They are spawned from those little wells where people throw in pennies. Not only is this a waste of change but also seriously endangers the human race.
That Leprechaun has stolen my feet and now its stealing somebodies whisky.

That Leprechaun just stole my whisky and now its eating that ladies baby.

That Leprechaun is eating my baby alive! My lord its eating it alive!
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A person with ginger hair whos a little bitch boy and also doesnt have a dick and is fruity
Omg its leprechaun!
Hes such a little bitch boy!!!!
by Purplecrocpot April 9, 2022
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