An absolutely amazing Taylor Swift album. cardigan was the lead single and it came out only four and half months before evermore. It was a surprise album and probably wouldn't have come out if it weren't for COVID. So in a way, "thanks COVID," but not really because folklore and evermore are the only good things to come from it.
Have you listened to folklore yet, it's like so good. You should also listen to evermore.
by idk but umm yeah March 17, 2021
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a Taylor Swift album. Its a masterpiece bow down to queen Taylor. NOW
OMG! Did you listen to folklore by Taylor Swift its so good.
by yyuuhh May 25, 2021
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Warning: will make you cry and please buy a dictionary.
Friend : I am so happy today
Me : *plays August from Folklore*

Friend : ok, I am broke
by fake E-GIRLS are the BEST March 28, 2021
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Folklore is the best album Taylor Swift has ever written. Folklore also won ALBUM OF THE YEAR AT THE 2021 GRAMMYS. Exactly, it's what she deserves.
by Kskahsjajakskska May 31, 2021
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the sudden need to go into a forrest with a cardigan and a Polaroid camera and live your life as a somber woodland fairy
Quickly, I need a wicker basket!”
“Oh, you must have folklore fever”
by Hannah @claudiathelover August 30, 2020
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A taylor swift stan twitter group chat with some of the nicest people in the fandom. The members are all really close friends. It’s by far one of the funniest most iconic group chats on stan twitter to the swiftie fandom. And, it outlived tayllucifernation and is way less problematic
Hey, did you see what happened in folklore cult yesterday? it was so funny
by Sophiaislit January 6, 2021
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