3 definitions by Kitten1013

The act of licking a butthole and blowing air into it, then having the person with a butt full or air fart it back into your mouth, sometimes farting small chunks of dung into your mouth.
"I gave this girl a butt blowing last night and it was so hot"
"Oh damn did she blow chunks into your mouth?"

"Yeah it was awesome"
by Kitten1013 September 15, 2016
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To collect loads of semen in a cup from many different men, about a cup full or so, drink it down but not before gargling it and swishing it around in your mouth
" Shawn paid 16 men to jizz in a cup and he drank it!"
"Yeah, he's a cum guzzler"

"He paid me $7 so it was worth it."
by Kitten1013 September 15, 2016
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The act of constantly bumming food, cigarettes, weed, lighters, or anything they can from friends but never giving it back or repaying them.
"Josh is always leeching off me."
"Yeah he bummed 2 cigs off me and never gave me any back"
"Let's kill him"

by Kitten1013 September 15, 2016
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