A person who can't get anything himself and has to feed of the more fortunate
A HOBO or my mom (thats right i said it mom)
by bob February 15, 2005
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a person that hangs on to someone without being wanted yet he thinks he is the man
yoo ali, you see that young henrita his a leech you know
by a.dot November 29, 2013
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Posting an image file directly on a message board or website without linking to it, or the site that it came from. Leeching tends to be hell on the original site's bandwidth, and it is customary to swap the image for something embarrassing and/or disgusting.
Some cocksucker was leeching one of my pics, so I swapped it for Tubgirl!
by Dave October 6, 2003
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When someone eats out a girl while she's on her period.
Last night I went to a party and Emma told me that a ginger totally leeched some random hoe in the bathroom. DAT SHIT NASTAY.
by cierraandemma October 5, 2012
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A person who targets a group of people and stops at nothing to hang out with them. They usually target one of the nicest group members first, then make their way to the best looking one in the group, therefore allowing them to slowly become a part of the group, even though they are disliked.
Man that Codie girl made you drive for 45 minutes to a San Diego resort. She's a definately a leech.
by John Quesando August 10, 2009
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Any person who has no personality of himself, so as a result, he/she/it will suck every piece of personality that you have, he/she/it will become another you, but will probably be much more ugly.
The biggest leech known to man, Zach St. John of Toledo Ohio. HE IS VERY VERY VERY UGLY.
by Jordan, Gram August 26, 2006
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When annoying couples suck face in the hallways during passing period, appearing to cling to each other's lips while walking away as if trying to remove a leech.
Stop leeching in the hallways and get to class!
by LVW January 1, 2019
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