Taking snippets of code from various forums or open sources available code, and then releasing an application from himself.
Activity of a leecher
That lamer is just leeching around!
by Zheck April 17, 2007
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To benefit off of others without giving anything back in repayment
I don't have wifi in my house but it's ok, I leech off of the neighbors.

Man. Jessica is such a leech. She only comes over to use my wifi and eat my snacks.
by Prodigy20 December 29, 2016
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A common word for vampire. Fandoms and other people who write free often use “leech” when talking about a vampires. ‘Cause they are bloodsuckers
Person 1: He was a leech!
Person 2: of course, he was a vampire
by AliceFromNeverland February 18, 2018
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Someone who limits, or completely turns off, their upstream in internet peer-to-peer file sharing because they have no interest in actually sharing.
Leecher-X says he doesn't upload in Bit Torrent because it makes web browsing impossible, even on broadband. We both know it's really because he is a selfish bastard though.
by Hic May 4, 2005
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1. Any of various chiefly moronic filesucking, bandwiidth hogging, and carnivorous 'users' of the class assholenea takeallus, of which one species (homo forumis) is generally found to suck in forums too.

2. One that preys on or clings to another; a parasite, fileleech.

3. One on who existance depends on the good deeds of others, but never themselves.

4. One who does not support the community.
slx laughs as he leeches off P2P. 'What fools they are!', he thinks to himself, 'P2P my ass, P2ME I say! MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!'
by Ðiego December 9, 2002
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At a party, that one person that doesn't seem to know anyone except for you. They continually follow you around and insist on hanging out with you afterward. For the full effect, must start off nice, yet become incredible annoying.
A: "Dude, I got leeched by Anna last night."
B: "That sucks."
by Jeremiah C November 7, 2005
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Someone who always borrows money from people, and has no intention of ever paying them back!!!
Ian Burman-Has owed me $2 for several months and I rag on his ass every day.
Ian Burman is a douche.
by Zack Kolle May 13, 2003
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