Lease is just a way of life. When someone says something that just makes you cringe. When someone makes a bad joke; when something is not funny. You make this face :|
by LEASELEASE September 23, 2020
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Usually a program to buy somthing you give payments of money to keep the object for a while but not actually buying, but nowa days kids have turned the word Lease into a word that may mean "give" or "bring it to me"
"Yo g i just got diz ill shiz shoes for fity dollas off a truck u down?"
"Yo LEASE me somma doz i needs em"
by 2 CrUnK April 4, 2005
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What your moms Bentley is on.
"Is that a Rolls Royce from 2004? *proceeds to laugh*" "Shut up Jason! Your mums bentley is on a lease."
by Mr.DefineYourLife March 3, 2020
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Another word for saying please but in another kind of sarcastic way
Girl: Look at my new bag
Girl 2: Puh-lease that's just a knockoff
by ANBgirl October 17, 2008
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A way of saying "please" with a so-called 'attitude'
1: Man you think you're so good, but I'm way better.

2: Pa-lease, I can beat you ANY day!
by TheDudeBackThere October 15, 2011
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"Please" elongated to mean bullshit, or insignificance.
Oh pur-lease, everyone's been in a Rolls before, I used to own one.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 17, 2004
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The act of taking a female out and paying for any activities undertaken, such as eating a meal out or going to the movies. In turn you are leasing the pussy in hope of in future gaining sexual favours from her. A form of short term prostitution.
Hey man, I heard your dating that girl?
No way! I'm just Leasing the pussy, she's gonna be on my dick soon!
Whatever dude, I think this one is gonna be a long term lease.
I bloody hope not, I don't want this one to drag out, just leasing the pussy.
by monkeyboymeilak October 30, 2010
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