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A British top-end luxury car manufacturer. Current models include the Arnage, Azure, Continental T, Continental R, and the new Continental GT. Bentley is now owned by Volkswagen AG.
The Bentley Arnage starts at $250,000, the Continentals cost $300,000, and the Azure costs $350,000. The Continental GT, however, will probably cost less than $200,000.
by EJL December 18, 2003
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a person who doesn't give a crap about what people say about them and goes on their own path
wow that person is a real Bentley
by an old freind July 28, 2017
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Born from the coolest parents. They have been together through thick and thin, and they made it stronger with this name.. Cute and Fun. Totally in love with cars. He's the perfect boyfriend. Tall with killer eyes, and sold with the heart of gold. You'll never forget this sweetheart or his family.
Bentley, Bentley, Bentley.. Young and inlove.
by highschoolsweetheart May 16, 2011
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A girl who likes who she like and won't pay any attention to people she doesn't like. Bentley is funny, cute, sweet, and a great friends
Bentley hated me for 5 years and now we are best friends and i can't imagine life without her!!
by G_r_a_y_c_e_.. March 11, 2019
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Bentley helps you through thick and thin. She is straightforward and confident. It’s almost impossible to hate this girl. She can get moody so, watch out for that. She is funny and reliable but, sometimes she gets jealous. She never lets other people bring her down. Don’t mess with a Bentley

β€œI’m not your friend anymore!”-random person
β€œOk. I have other ones.”-Bentley
by Vanessa vaughan November 10, 2018
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the greatest bar in the world (if the world is college park, md) despite the constant smell of vomit in this place it is the only safe haven from all the guido-jersey-faggots that inhabit the majority of the great state school of UMD
thank god we were at bentley's last night my friend got hair product on her from the jersey kids dancing next to her at cornerstone
by dj sizzahandz January 21, 2008
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