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a person that exchanges sexual favors for money and or goods
"dude.. you gave it up for a rooster hat and a playstation game your such a fucking street whore"
by street whore ...the originator January 25, 2008
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(n.) An employee of the sidewalks, a male or female prostitute that primarily works the streets, providing low-budget sexual services to new and existing johns. These women are only interested in volume vs. quality, and earn an average of about $1,500 per day when not incarcerated. All street whores are generally stupid and many are former physicians, bankers, lawyers, and mortgage brokers.

See also gutterslut.
My Aunt Mary buys me expensive gifts because she's a street whore and she can afford it.
by Robert E. Porter July 10, 2007
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The mothers of all french children.

Rank women selling their even ranker pussies on the street for enough money for some crack cocaine or something
Bloke 1: Man, did you see that street whore?

Bloke 2: Yes, she looked like that french bitch I turned down the other day.
by Kaiser Sozee August 19, 2003
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A dirt cheap to free prostitute.She will suck you off for like a dollar even if your 80,deformed,and have AIDS.
Preston:Have you seen Shyanne?
Alex:Yeah,bro such a street whore...
Shyannes:Hey guys!
Preston:Sup street whore
Shyanne:Haha.Threesome,free,ten minutes meet me in the bathroom.
Both guys: HELL YEAH
by Dean Lazlo September 05, 2017
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