1.) another way of saying "cool", or "nice".

2.) someone who has a pretty attractive and toned body.
guy#1: DUDE i just got a new car!!!
guy#2: really?? thats pretty lean man. what kind?

girl#1: OMG look at that cute guy sitting overthere!
girl#2: mmm yeah he is sooo lean!
by theboss32 August 18, 2009
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A term for really, REALLY tight skinny jeans. Usually worn by those of a homosexual preference. Wearing leans may cause stress, broken bones, a crushed penis, and many other painful experiences.
"Whoa, have you seen Carl? He's totally wearing leans"

"What do you expect? He's a total queen"
by fugetaker November 01, 2009
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Only complete douchebags call themselves "LEAN." They say idiotic things like "Are ya lookin' boyyyy?" and "I'm feelin really LEAN today" But is reality, LEAN = Ghey
KBD - "Wow, I'm really feelin lean today"
Goldy - "That's not what your mom told me last night"

KBD - "Are ya lookin at how LEAN I am boy"
Admin - "You're banned for being too LEAN"
by Bolan March 11, 2011
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Lean is, in most cases purple colored prescription cough syrup that is mixed in with soda and or alcohol to get you high. It can also be laced on somethings.
I was smoking a blunt with this girl and she said she laced it with Lean we got so fucked up .

dude if you mix this shit with lean your ass will get so high
by Gahdamnnn October 21, 2015
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a term used to describe a persons state or conciousness when high on cannabis.
"man I am pretty lean right now!"
by OGS October 19, 2015
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