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In other words, Dextromethorphan. It is the best drug ever created.
Mike: "Dude, let's go trip on some DXM!"
Chad: "Fuck yeah!"
by Mikehuntisbeautiful April 03, 2015
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Dextromorphan Hydrobromide (DXM HBr). A small dose supreses the part of the brain that causes you to cough while increasingly larger doses cause you to TRIP THE FUCK OUT. Becomes a full blown hallucinogin after about 900mg.

DON'T TRIP ON DXM BY USING CORICIDIN COUGH AND COLD! C.C.C. has an extra active ingrediant which can kill you. Use Robitussin products or if you are in Canada get Contac CoughCaps because they contain nothing but 30mg of DXM.
"Duuude! I'm not even in my body anymore!"
-DXM Tripper
by -Drakken April 05, 2004
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a type of cough supressant that gets you FUCKED UP and trippin balls at high doses.

good effects (what people take it for):
-altered time perception
-blurred vision
-"cartoonish" tint to vision
-static-like tint to vision
-visual and auditory hallucinations at high doses
-delirium (thinking that a tree is talking to you, etc.)
-intense euphoria (happiness)
-strong feeling of connection with others (compared to the effects of ecstasy)

bad effects (what people hate about taking it):
-possible nausea and vomiting (depends on if you have a weak stomach or if you are nervous)
-possible paranoia (depends on mood and surroundings)
-decreased sex drive (not only does the thought of sex never cross your mind, but even if it does you'll find it extremely hard gettin a boner or gettin in the mood)
-pupil dilation (dead giveaway if you're on it, i reccomend staying away from parents or other people who can't know that you're tripping, or at least never looking them in the eyes)
-"bug eyes" (makes it look like you're scared or surprised all the time, which can also be a giveaway that you're on something)
-increased heart rate (dangerous if you have heart or blood pressure problems)
-zombie-like walking (makes it look like you're hypnotized, which can also give away that you're on something)

overall a great drug to take for a legal high, can be found in medicines such as coricidin cough and cold, robitussin cough syrup, and almost any other over-the-counter cough medicine. can also be purchased in pure powder form from your local drug dealer. the main drawback to this drug is that someone can tell you're on something just by looking at you when you take it, so it's definitely not easy to hide unless you are really experienced with it. if you're a beginner i recommend tripping in a safe environment where your parents or anyone like that won't see you, such as a friend's house or a party. also, be careful when taking it in form of ccc (coricidin cough and cold), as it contains an extra ingredient that is a deadly poison in high doses (this shit got me put in the hospital, so i know what i'm talking about). also there is an overdose limit, so don't overdo it. make sure you read up on the effects of the drug thoroughly before taking it from a reputable source, such as happy trippin...
i drank 4 ounces of dxm-containing cough syrup and now i'm fucked the hell up.
by b-low July 26, 2006
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It suppresses coughs. But the real effects of DXM happen when you disobey the instructions on the bottle and take a shitload. DXM has four plateaus. No one ever does the first one. The second plateau isn’t really a trip, it’s more like being drunk and high. Plateau three is trip. It's the point when you don't want to look in the mirror. High up in the third plateau, when you move, there is no feeling.. you're a floating pair of eyeballs. The 4th plateau is entered by few and those who do enter are not always eager to return. It's not uncommon to see aliens of go blind of forget who you are.

Anyways don't be an idiot and go taking the cough medicine in your cabinet because you read this. Other ingredients in cold medicines can make you horribly sick or kill you. Only take the medicine if the ONLY ingredient is dextromethorphan.

Pure DXM is generally regarded as one of the safer recreational drugs. It contains no chemically addictive properties, although it has psychological addiction potential. As far as brain damage goes,, a total bullshit anti-drug website couldn’t even produce a fact about the danger of DXM on the brain. All of their facts concern overdoses on medications like Acetaminophen that come in cold medicines. 350 mg of DXM is a good starting dose if you're inexperienced. Take at you're on risk and do your own research. Read the DXM FAQ by William White before you ever take DXM.
DXM User Type 1: I take DXM once a month. I find the experience to be very enlightening and profound.
DXM User Type 2: I take DXM every weekend man. That shit is great to party!
DXM User Type 3: (slurred) so you see... I've been... I've been... taking.. DX... M for at least three weeks straight now. I chug two bottles at breakfast,...lunch... and dinner ...and dinner man.
by 720mgSTEEEVE November 10, 2009
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A cheap legal high, which is why it's the taster's choice among college heads. Can be used in conjunction w/ cannibis or other choice substances. Not recommended to be used w/ alcohol though. Heads w/ high blood pressure should be weary of brands of cough medicine that have pseudoephedrine in them. Stick with Robo Max Strenth Cough.
A 4 oz. bottle of Robotussin contains 354 mg of DXM, a good dose for a first-time tripper.
by madprophetridx June 20, 2003
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