A big, sexy ass on an attractive woman. An urban legend states that if the lights at the club strike a pot of gold just right, it will appear as if a rainbow is originating from the woman's ass.
Watching a hot girl on the dance floor:

Oooweeee, that girl has got a pot of gold that would make a leprechaun cry. Shake that gold to the floor baby, to the floor.
by X-Green April 29, 2008
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multiple objects inide an oraface, ussually the anus
me mike and jack made a pot of gold inside amy
by the end of the end November 30, 2010
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Is hard hitting with a aromatic aftertaste. Pot Of Gold has no hangover or lingering effects. The hash smell is still there in spades. this gives an unusually clear buzz and a slightly delayed effect. this plant has a ton to offer with a really strong, mellow high. the taste is superb fun and skunky. this plant will smell great, but will not smoke you out of your home. Has awesome growth cycle this is an extremely nice smelling plant its one of the favorites in the Amsterdam coffee shops. this weed will smoke quickly and well. Has a very relaxed high. this weed is very strong and has a positive high and it smells and tastes like sweet hashish.
yo nigga, fuck that regs,lets get sum pot of gold
by Volk_56 September 20, 2009
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When you eat a lot of corn and then take a shit inside a lady friends vagina. The corn will respresent the gold coins you'd hope to find at the end of the rainbow.

You then must use your best Irish accent and say, "Oh me founds me pot o' gold!"
You then do an Irish dance like the lord of the dance and shit.
I had eaten too much corn at the Furr's buffet so I gave Luke's mom the ol' pot of gold.
Just about 45 minutes later I gave her another pot of gold, but this time it was on her face!
Bitch was mad happy son!
by getsome3378 February 20, 2009
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Word that can be used in place of the word 'vagina' or 'pussy.'
Daddy! My pot of gold itches!


Hey man, you see Audrey over there? I hear she has a real tight pot of gold.
by Dirtymutt July 1, 2015
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My friend and I got totally ripped off that last Pot of Gold.
by Dontdodrugs November 21, 2012
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What you might get if you shit in a toilet bowl after eating corn
Gross! Someone left a pot of gold in the men's room
by Spencer Ace August 26, 2019
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