(v) The act of having sex, particularly while trying to hide knowledge of the act from others.
Meet me downstairs in 5 minutes to do laundry; He'll never notice we're gone.
by God April 4, 2005
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Doing the laundry. duh! This changes laundry from a noun to a verb!
Hey Jenn, I'm laundrying
by L Shape Tetris Piece November 26, 2004
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Something Snoop (Doggy) Dogg does all by himself! Fuck!
I can't do all this laundry, good thing I got the
D-O-double G on speed dial!
by skrudge December 30, 2008
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A slang term for the parachutes on a drag racing car. They are required on cars that can go 150+ mph in a quarter of a mile. Letting the chutes out to slow the car down is "dumping the laundry".
"Flashing the hazards, rapping the gas (revving the engine), honking the horn, dumping the laundry...They're all cocky things drag racers to do say "I got ya. Bad. Don't come back."

- Justin "Big Chief" Shearer of the show Street Outlaws
by TheGreatBigMouth August 7, 2015
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A binging moment involving yourself and an inanimate object experimenting with alcohol or drugs for the first time.
Come on Benjamin. R. Teddy, we are going to do Laundry!
by Martin Bryan August 16, 2005
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