The most popular fanfiction in the Voltron Legendary Defender fandom. Has a relationship between Keith and Lance with their ship name Klance. If you ever see something like this, it is most likely from this fandom/story. But there are also variations of this:

Laundry: Dirty
Hips: Don't lie
Abuelita: Here
Person 1: Have you read Dirty Laundry?
Person 2: Abuelita is coming
Person 1: I am going to assume you have
by DaniTheAlpaca September 5, 2018
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When parents need to fuck the shit out of each other, but they can't tell the kids what they're doing so they say they're going to fold laundry.
(Dad) "Hey mama, I'm need to fuck the shit out of you. Let's go fold laundry." (Mom) "Kids, I'm going to go fold laundry." Dad sneaks away moments later.
by tmunny127 January 30, 2015
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the one who always gets stuck doing the laundry, or who gets stuck with a huge pile of wash.
I am the laundry troll! I live in the basement and smell like dryer lint and Tide! Answer my three questions and I'll fold your undies!
by the cheshire kat January 26, 2009
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laundry tiem is when you hide jizz-covered clothing from your mom when she comes to collect the laundry the next morning. then you try to wash the clothes in the sink.
Oh man, it was terrible. In the morning, my mom came downstairs and went all "laundry tiem" on my ass
by laundrytiem April 23, 2010
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Made with clothes piled on the bed then wrapped up in a bed spread to make use of the bed possible.
The mood was broken by the need to pause to clear the bed and make a laundry burrito.
by artsy rev March 15, 2014
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Kevs laundry is an alternate way of referring to any type of drug / narcotic. Derived from a night out in Europe, when a house party was hosted by the legendary Kevin, being invited into the laundry out the back, behind a washing powder box to get high on his supply... Kevs laundry was born.
Bro, should we get some Kevs laundry tonight?

Yeah dude, keen.
Might sneak out the back to catch up with Kev, interested?

by Bannners December 29, 2018
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