Useless item that is not needed for an avetard. These niggas will just throw all their clothes on the floor and just leave them there until it's time to wash them and then repeat the process. All avetards share this tendency but it doesn't get worse than Noah.
Noah didn't bring a laundry basket to The Ave because he realized he could just throw his clothes on the floor everyday after wearing them.
by TurnM3Up December 11, 2019
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Intentionally rewashing clothing simply because you don't feel like putting it away
I had a shirt I knew was clean, but I was too lazy to hang it up so I just kept it in laundry limbo.
by Emmsey Squire February 21, 2009
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ususally used to describe someones secrets that they dont want anyone to find out about. Everyone usually wants to know about others dirty laundry.
I found out about janes dirty laundry!
don henley did a good song describing dirty laundry
by w00tang August 4, 2005
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The turning on of one's washing machine in order to sit on it.
Tig Notaro has done plenty of ass laundry. She created ass laundry.
by Sara Brittain May 29, 2008
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Doing a load of laundry after allowing clothes to pile up on your bedroom floor for weeks.
"say Magdalene, suppose it's time to mow the laundry? I can't get your door open."
by tchotchotch February 27, 2007
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