Doing your laundry on a tree at school
Hey did you do your laundry? yeah i did tree laundry today.
by All tree May 4, 2021
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The process of detailing individual steps on an entire project to emphasise the point of extended labour/works when the project could be captured in one grouped process
Person 1: "I did the laundry"
Person 2: "great work, well done"

Person 1: "I...
1. Collected dirty clothes,
2. Sorted the loads in to specific groups i.e. whites, lights, darks, towels, sheets etc,
3. Put the load in machine,
4. Added washing powder/fabric softener,
5. Turned on the machine,
6. Waited for the load to finish,
7. Hung up the clothes,
8. Waited for them to dry,
9. Brought the dry clothes in from the line,
10. Folded clothes,
11. Sorted them by owner groups,
12. Put clothes piles into owners rooms"

Person 2: "Are you pulling a Laundry Theory on me?!"
by Silverino March 23, 2012
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Dirty laundry is that stuff that you keep super secret but over time - sometimes decades - 1 or more people find out about.

Facebook laundry is that stuff you keep super secret but five hundred million people find out about 15 seconds after it was shoring up for the slow maturation of being relatively discreet, dirty laundry.
John Cocktoastin: I, John Cocktoastin, have just been caught cheating (for over a year) on my wife of 7 years and my 6 year old daughter with T. Audry Lolitta. I am a lying scumbag who doesn't even care enough to break it off with the woman I'm cheating with and try to make it work. ASS.

P.Aserby: Now this is truly a special moment in the history of Facebook Laundry. Way to leave facebook logged in, John. Oh, and also that cheating thing. Both bad.
by b0xxx January 5, 2011
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Laundry Lottery

A situation where one finds cash in a random piece of clothing unexpectedly, where the subject receives and artificial sensation of euphoria, that last for about 5 seconds and feels as though they’ve won the $300 Million power ball. All negative thoughts quickly leave and regardless of the mood the subject is in, they will have a positive outlook on life for the remainder of the day. LL winners who find cash that they thought was originally spent, experience a dual sensation lasting approximately 10 seconds longer.

Situations that make winners of the laundry lottery.

(1) re-wearing clothes from a previous nights affair
(2) left over cash that survives a laundry run
(3) Disillusioned intoxication, where one forgets to pay random debts (e.g. waitresses, bartenders, drug dealers, etc).

Morpheus: “What the fuck are you smiling about?”
Bob: “ I just won the laundry lottery.”
Morpheus: “How much this time?”
Bob: “Found a c-note in my shirt that I forgot to give to the hooker last week”
by hellyea October 19, 2005
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The practice of giving casual fellatio to a co-worker in the linen closet at work while on the time clock.
Brandy claimed she was downstairs doing inventory but the glistening beads of perspiration on her forehead and the little white pearl in the corner of her mouth told the truth: She was with one the cooks doing Salisbury Laundry.
by Hobo2 January 3, 2006
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After you do your laundry, you put all your warm clothes on your bed and take a nap in them, preferably naked.
Jeff: Dude, wtf are you doing?

Charles: Taking a laundry nap. You have to try it before the end of the semester.

Jeff: Okay, but can you put your clothes back on.
by s3xpanth3r May 4, 2010
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