To bing it or 'binging it' means trying too hard. Derives from the bing search engines attempt to be hip and cool without actually succeeding.
Hey did you see google music's Top-40 montage, they are definitely binging it.
by z4ce January 18, 2012
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"Every now and again I enjoy a bing. It involves walking down alleys and draining air-conditioners with a pliers whilst holding your nose and mouth close to catch it.

"Church offices located off alleys are usually the best places to go for binging."
by skydog70 January 13, 2006
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the act of gambling; specifically electronic machines, such as: video poker etc. originates from the "winning payout" sound which can be heard from these machines(bing bing bing...)
did i tell you i saw your ex at the casino? she was there binging all night!
by pseudowho May 29, 2009
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A delightful mixture of bish and minging. So something that is not just (rub)bish but minging as well.
This baguette is *binging*
by Kate Connolly February 10, 2004
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a word that describes bling or some object that is kool bling
1. your gold nekless was binging bruv
2. that car that just drove pass was binging
by david rhys October 14, 2006
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bing bing (n.) the equivalency of one (1) United States dollar.
Man, these rims cost me thirty - five hundred bing bings.
by Soof doggy dogg June 19, 2004
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