Dimitri is a slang name for DMT (N,N-Dimethyltryptamine)

DMT is the strongest and most powerful psychedelic on this planet
You I heard he smoked Dimitri for the first time last week!

Yea man he’s been on a spiritual journey since then
by FloridaNigga December 4, 2020
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Best and hottest guy you will ever meet. Love of my life. So even if you meet him, move bitch!
by Miss babe December 13, 2020
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Greek rooted name coming from the greek name Dimitrius. After the Goddess Demeter, goddess of fertility.
Dimitri is angry at you.
by Phibby January 23, 2006
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Someone who plays guitar very well. He seems to be fragile, but he is not : he could be so cruel.He doesn't know anything about love. He is a very kind person, always keeping on him to help anyone around him.
by Barbara S. February 9, 2010
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A good-for-nothing parasite who will go nowhere in life. He lives off of his girlfriend's food stamps, does not have a job to support his daughter, and watches cable TV all day that he has never paid for. He is a drug addict and alcoholic, and a disgusting man-whore who will most likely die of a venereal disease. A Dimitri thinks he's better than everyone, but is really just a worthless cunt that should be put out of his misery.
He turned into a Dimitri when he started doing meth. Someone should put that pathetic Dimitri down.
by Jerkmunch-kinland July 1, 2012
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1.v. make them boys go loco. 2.adj. someone's sexual desire "horny". 3.n. the act of sex.
1.v. He's got all those boys going Dimitri. 2.adj. I'm feeling really Dimitri right now. 3.n. Let's have mad Dimitri yo!
by joe4567 October 29, 2006
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If you ever make a Dimitri call you a friend u have it made😁! But if u ever cross him he will spazz out or become sad and depressed.Although dimitri seems like a pretty chill guy on the inside he is a sweet romantic person. And he is just waiting for someone to come and be the right one for him. Dimitri loves to anime and is one of most popular ppl at school.So I would suggest u treat him nice 👍
Girl: Hey have u seen dimitri?
Another girl: OMG 😱 yes he is so cute and is so chill and he loves anime something like to do aswell!!
by Chance Hall November 15, 2020
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