A slang term widely used in the hoods of Philly. Meaning an extended clip (30 rounds for example) for a handgun that is so long and skinny that it looks like a "Ladder"
"Ladder in the glock call it energizer bunny, cuz it keep goin, hunnid shot throwin "- Quote from popular Philly rapper "Ar-AB" off the song "North 2 West ft. Nitty"
by Choppachoppa_down November 28, 2014
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a series of penis piercings starting close from the head of the penis closer to the body. almost resembleing a ladder
i got my ladder pierced the other day, that shit fucking hurt
by Pierce February 16, 2005
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A way of saying later. FaZe Adapt coined the term in his YouTube videos.
See you ladder!

Maybe ladder we could go to the gym?
by _ahtnamas_ June 20, 2017
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It means the first thing that comes to your mind(usually along the lines of sex, alchol, drugs, weed, etc) It should be used when you want to do a combination of the previous things listed or if you want to do anything that will entertain.
Yo Lets get laddered tonight!
Dude I'm so laddered right now.
Yo I laddered that chick last night she was awesome.
Yo I got weed in my car wana go get laddered?
by midevilworm December 04, 2010
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2mg Xanax. They're rectangular in shape and have sections much like rungs in a ladders.
Hey man can you find any ladders? I need to get loaded.
by Chithead Stinkpot May 27, 2008
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