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A peef is a penis fart, similar to a queef. A queef is to a female as a peef is to a male.

There have been very few recorded incidences of peefs. However, we do know that a peef is both pleasant and painful for the 'peefer'. No incidences of a 'wet peef' have ever been recorded.

On a related note, the peef has much militaristic potential. Theoretically, with the proper enhancements and adjustments, the peef could become powerful enough to replace nuclear warfare.
Example 1:

Vendor: I peefed at the dinner table.

Example 2:

Pierce: I tried to peef, but blood came out instead.
by Pierce November 25, 2004

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1. an insult
2.toilet paper
1. shut up bung wipe
2. dammit, i ran out of bung wipes
by Pierce February 16, 2005

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a series of penis piercings starting close from the head of the penis closer to the body. almost resembleing a ladder
i got my ladder pierced the other day, that shit fucking hurt
by Pierce February 16, 2005

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Meeting someone with this name brings unfortunate events. As what ever you are doing he will be able to preform that task at a near impossible level of greatness.
No! It can't be him! We have failed our mission.
by Pierce March 15, 2005

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Micra Language, along the same lines as Spafe, this word is a combination of shit and bollocks.
that was teh biggest pile of shillocks ever
by Pierce January 28, 2004

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when someone sucks or is on the verge os sucking
hey, easy stig! don't fuck witth my stuff
by pierce March 14, 2003

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an aot of surprise that may be very vulgar for some
titty fucking christ im drunk as fuck
by Pierce February 19, 2005

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