(stan twitter slang) (noun) Good; iconic; a form of praise and endearment
Twitter User A: Omg, AIWFC is a legendary song. It comes back on the charts every winter!

Twitter User B: I know right! Mariah is so skinny.
Twitter user A: Locals hate it when I use skinny when i like something. Ugh!

Twitter user B: Locals are just mad they’re not 25 pounds, iconic, and skinny.
by skinnylegend February 11, 2018
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U.S. Marine Corps and Navy term for information. It is an old term dating back to pre WW-ll. It derives it's name from the onion skin type paper that the military would copy their orders on. It was almost translucent and looked and felt very much like onion skin.
Hey Sarge; what's the skinny on us going to Iraq?
by superyouper January 30, 2006
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For girls; A gap between your thighs, collar bones showing, rib cage showing, hip bones out, and a flat stomach.
I'm scrolling through tumblr and I see a skinny girl, I want that.
by hopefully_cruel January 13, 2013
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Something many of us girls want to be so badly, so we get to the point were we go crazy with this desire to be skinny and practically starve ourselves, throw up everything, or harshly diet :/
AND something many people are with high metabolisms.
''Whoaaa, she's skinny!''.
by skinnychick August 22, 2011
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The opposite of a furry. Some animals like to dress up as people and have sex with each other, sometimes this causes confusion.


Girl: Ohmigawd am I blowing a bear?


Guy: Furries are disgusting

Guy 2: Not as bad as a skinny

Guy: What dat?

Guy 2: It's an animal dressing up like a man to have sex

Guy: That sounds pretty bad

Guy 2: Well even that isn't as bad as a skinny dressing up like a furry, but then it just gets confusing.
by penguinporkchop April 26, 2010
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An animal that has a fetish for humans. The opposite of a furry.
Your Ostrich is totally a skinny, I see her eye fucking the shit out of you.
by Suhdo November 11, 2019
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