Slang word for "hundred". Featured in some of Wiz Khalifa's songs like "Roll Up".
Wiz Khalifa: As long as you keep one hunnid (100) imma spend this change {from "Roll Up"}
by YourSweet.boo98 January 14, 2012
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hunnid refers to "hundred;" the word should never be written numerically, no matter the circumstances, the word doesn't just refer to the number, it usually refers to money.

this word should stay separate from numbers, and should bypass and guidelines of which say any numbers, like 100, should be written numerically
Joe: Just racked up a hunnid grand.
Frank: Hell yeah, bro!
by dictonaryboy May 30, 2023
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The plural of a hundred dollar bill. Something you throw at a stripper to let her to know that you are wealthy.
Hunnids, hunnids.
Throwin' hunnids, hunnids.
Hunnids, hunnids.
Rack city bitch.
Rack rack city bitch.

by Crunk on gin & juice January 20, 2012
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hunnids is a street slang for hundreds
Yo dawg, how many joints left ?
I got hunnids of them
by whitenibba October 13, 2018
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A term some rappers use to describe $100 bills. They usually have been gained through no legitimate contribution to society, rather through dealing narcotics or "singing" "songs" about having them.
Tyga (from the song "Rack City"): throwin' hunnids, hunnids.
by Fuck Tyga February 3, 2012
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Another way of saying $100
Throwing hunnids - Tyga "Rack City"
by FabiOhz January 23, 2012
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