v. 1. To stare at the breasts or ass of a woman without their knowledge.
Dude, stop learing at my moms tits.
by MisterSTX May 28, 2013
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piercing sound used as an offensive mechinism
Pikachu uses lear on Natasha. Natasha's Defense decrease.
by Jay Jay Ten June 18, 2008
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One who has become abase do to many past traumatizing situtions

Someone who is bothered, depressed or weakened by everyday stresses.
Homeboys been a lear ever since his mom past in that car accident.
by 7 A.M. March 17, 2010
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To post fiction based fairytale nonsense supported only by facts gleaned from other John Lear websites, blogs, threads, and posts, while slinging profanity laced insult tirades at skeptics who demand factual concrete proof
Poster #1: Aliens grow a specific kind of tree that provides them an aphrodisiac due to the specific atmospheric content.

Poster #2: Can you provide any factual basis for your opinions or did you just come here to Lear this topic?
by Cogburn April 14, 2009
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When you can actually spell a word
Can you Lear encyclopedias
by Jhonyboi12346859 February 25, 2019
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To show the mixed emotion of simultaneously Loving and Fearing somebody, of which for example all god believers are well-acquainted.
John could not at first find a word to describe the expression he was witnessing on the faces of the church congregation as they listened to their pastor's words but then it dawned on him - they were learing - reflecting the dichotomy of a god that must be both loved and feared. Later that day he added his new word "to lear" to his diary describing it as the sometime necessary conflation of the emotions of love and fear.
by Epigenie1 February 24, 2014
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"Kill kill kill kill kill kill!"- King Lear
by emotif July 28, 2008
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