A lazy mother fucker who wears basketball shorts under his jeans and has anime hair
Person: Dude don't be such an LD, be a Wann
by mellamobebo November 03, 2008
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man-hating, femi-nazi, moronic imbecile, rusty cunt-rag whore
My boss is an LD.
by John Mingle Jr III August 14, 2010
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Short for "later dude". Used to signify departure, disapproval, or denial. Appropriate for use in all situations: when someone is leaving a conversation online; when exiting a formal dinner with business associates; to suggest disagreement with another person, etc. Can also be pronounced as a full word: "uld".
"You want me to buy YOU lunch? Uhh...LD."

"$4000 a month? Hahahahah....LD."

"Take care folks. It was good to see you, as always. I look forward to doing business with you. LD."

"I agree with sections A 1.5 through C 2.7, but everything after section C 2.7 can get the old LD. No, really. LD."
by G. Bennick December 19, 2004
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Short for "limp dick." Specifically, this form of erectile dysfunction refers to failure to obtain an erection due to emotional issues. Most often experienced by sissies, softies, pussyfags, and emo kids.
I was so gonna fuck that hot guy but he started talking about his feelings, and he went all LD on me.
by RnR enterprises November 02, 2007
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Light Defense. Position played in tribes which can only be played by those with far superior skills than any other player.
by chris July 12, 2003
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When a person is so sick minded they think it's something sex related thing for e.g. Long Dick, Large Dick...

But really you wanted to write :D a smile :D
Ronya : How do you feel?
Peter : LD
Ronya : What does LD mean? ;)?
Peter : I was meaning to respond with :D you dirty minded girl!
by Mr. AK November 14, 2009
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Nickname for some one that drinks way too much,or is an alcoholic. I.e: Liver Damage.
"When I saw that girl throwing up in the bathroom i yelled, 'are you alright L.D?'"
"I saw the town L.D today."
by K$dawg October 22, 2008
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