A term for when a guy is having sex with a girl.
G - "He was dickin' me so hard last night."
by Rainbowcherry April 21, 2009
Hey! Cleatis has owed me money since Friday, so he's been dickin' me all week.
by Raif December 22, 2004
Moving very fast. Usually used when talking about running but it could refer to driving as well. Used in the Philly area mostly.
"....they tried to jump you!?"
"Yeah, I started dickin it"

"How'd you get here so fast?"

" I was on the the highway dickin it"
by TrustTheProcess January 8, 2018
Doing nothing. Just hanging about. Fucking around. Chilling/Relaxing. Taking it easy. Most often spoken when someone is being completely useless
Dave: What the hell is vinny doing?
Eric: He's straight dickin' it real hard.
by Sir Vincenzio January 4, 2009
1.When someone is basically dick riding on somebody.
2.When someone is trippin.
"Yo why the hell iz u dickin."
"Yo they iz really dickin off the bull."
by 1Aman January 31, 2008
when u see something you fear or are afraid of and start running really fast.
"Yo, what if Freddy Crouger waz down da street from you?" Cuz
"I would start dickin it" punk
by Dj BBt March 21, 2008
When somebody is trying to say something about you, trying to play you for no reason. Made popular by the niggas of Hart Co. Kentucky
damn you dickin me!
aww you dickin me
Dick city!
by KingKong23820802 April 27, 2009