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Krystelle's are obviously unique by the way their name is spelt. They are absolutely beautiful and they need someone to tell them. Krystelle's usually go for the good guys but all guys want her. They are nerdy, funny, weird, awesome, cool and probably the best people you will ever meet.
Man that krystelle chick is jaw dropping.
I know right.
by Theawesomeone85 June 28, 2016
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A girl that is from Flossmoor, Illinois that is a biracial beauty. All the men want her. She has a killer tan that no no tanning booth can replicate. Oh yea- that honey skin is au natural baby...
Have you met Krystelle? Shes DA BOMB!
by KrystaLL2222 June 13, 2009
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Krystelle's are obviously unique in their

personality. They can be funny, witty and are totally awesome. They are super pretty and friendly. They pretend like everything is ok when they are really dying inside. Krystelle's try really hard at everything they do and try to help out everyone around them
Jeez that krystelle girl is so nice and so committed on her work. Everybody seems to love krystelle
by Hinah December 04, 2018
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