A suburb just south of Chicago that is not to be confused with Homewood. The area contains an abundance of country clubs that usually the residents of Flossmoor belong to. The east side of the tracks are where the million dollar homes can be found, but west of the tracks or High School is where crime is high and caucasians are scarce.
Dan: You got to HF? So you're from Homewood Flossmoor?
Katie: No, I'm from Flossmoor.
Dan: Is there a difference?
Katie: Don't even get me started.
by KatieAndToni August 15, 2007
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Where all the rich pricks that go to HF live.
Bill: Don't you live in Flossmoor?
Elizabeth: Yeah, me and my family also have a lakehouse, two Ferraris, a pet tiger, and an inground pool in our basement.
by homewood resident December 12, 2010
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Former HighSchool of Nicholas Cruz. The students here are normal until you step on their shoes, then they pull a .45 on your dumbass. The principal is the fakest one you’ll encounter, and most of the girls like the underside of a cheeze-it.
Nigga 1:”Did Homewood-Flossmoor HighSchool get another shooting threat?”

Cracker 1:”Yeah, same as every week.”

Nigga 2:”At least we’re not an all boys school, am I right?”

Nigga 1:”Lol”
by Yungniggapussy November 15, 2018
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