A state of being in which someone/something has been elevated beyond being fresh and/or fly. The ultimate state of classy.

Classy, Fresh AF, Fly AF, Buttery, Sugary, Clean

ie; David Beckham, Jonathan Goldsmith, Paul Newman, Brad Pitt
That outfit is krispy
That car is straight krispy, yo
Feelin' real krispy today
Hair lookin' krispy, man
by The Yonchman June 22, 2017
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Kris-py, - adjective - Describing one's fresh style and unique swagger
My nigga Jookjook is sooo mawfuckin Krispy dat even dem hataz be diggin his swagg.
by J Niggs June 8, 2007
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A weird yet lovely girl who understands everyone makes really weird noises outta nowhere. Very cute, short, funny and people love her. Get's bored in seconds. She's the bestfriend that everyone wants. Doesn't talk alot. Stays with people she likes. Isn't self consumed. Has gone through alot. But still stands strong.
Krispy: ugluglugluuuuuu.

People: and there she is.
by Sir wotoniki November 23, 2021
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A Krispy is a term that describes a particular girl who meets certain specifications. She has to a.) be weird, b.) giggle like a little schoolgirl rather than plain laughing, c.) says "tee hee hee" at random times during the day making others suspect she is conspiring against them but most importantly, d.)makes uncomfortable, awkward yet amusing noises with her boyfriend that can't be described in any words other than, "OGGGGGGG!" She often threatens people with smacks.
Julie: Oh no! The Krispy's noise of doom! NOT A SMACK TO THE FACE! AHHHH. DON'T TAKE BOTH MY EARDRUMS AND MY FACE!!!
by jaydawg3000 May 4, 2009
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Another word for looking "Fly". The way you dress is "cool" or "Tight".
Im so Krispy.
by Plaz Da G July 11, 2008
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AKA Kristi!
Awww Yeahhhh!!
PS - Also a sexy beast
Dude, have you seen Kristi lately? She's so krispy...
by Kristi Leigh May 29, 2008
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Completely Drunk, Totally trashed but still able to dance, Flailing drunkenness
I'm so Krispy

I'm too Krispy right now!
by Collin J L January 18, 2009
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