Yeah with 4 h's
What else did you expect the definition to be?
Friend: Yeahhhh
Me: what?
Friend: what?
And then we make love
by Goombafire November 10, 2019
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An offensive term used to identify an Indian man working in a stereotypical job like a 7-Eleven, Subway or hospital
A man walks into the store and spots the Indian cashier standing behind the counter. He looks over at his friend and screams, "Yeahhhh Jerry!"
by BFGiant April 7, 2011
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a common phrase often used by the kool-aid man in many commercials. Also used when one breaks through a wall, like the kool-aid man.
*Dwayne Johnson breaks through a wall* “OHHHHHH YEAHHHHH!” he would exclaim
by WetSocks May 10, 2020