A girl who is pretty, smart, kind, loyal, outgoing, adventurous, hardworking, and will talk your ears off. The kind of girl you want by your side when things get it real because she will hold hold it down. She is the kind of girl who has been through a lot pain & hard knock life but she doesn’t let it ruin her love for always helping others. This kind of girl has been hurt by some f$&k boys but always remains the true winner out of the relationship. She keeps her circle small & wouldn’t want it any other way. This kind of girl doesn’t seek attention, validation, or acknowledgement from anyone but herself. Always Humble. This is a girl you don’t want to go to war with but with by your side.
Kristi is a soulful soldier.
by Ball.all.day.everyday. May 15, 2019
Usually outgoing, sexxy, very athletic, a friend who's always there, most amazing person ever alive, sweet, kind, HILARIOUS, has a smile that can light up the world, gorgeous eyes, will not let anyone walk all over her, when she walks into a room she makes friends instantly and guys hit on her like crazy, if a guy thinks he's in love it would have to be with a girl named kristi!
Find a Kristi and find one fast before their all gone!
by Blake199 May 5, 2013
a word used to describe a hott girl.
That girl's name must be Kristi, she is fineeee.
by Kristi Anderson March 6, 2007
a woman i know who is incredibly sexy and i love her so much. she is the most amazing person alive and if you dont think so you deserve to die. amazingly there are some people who actually dont like her. but thats just because they're jealous and they're all asses anyway so no one cares about them. Kristi deserves everything in the world and id do anything for her. ill never leave her side and i'll always be her best friend.
me: dude i love kristi

you: who doesnt?

me: stupid retarded fuckers thats who!
by jfries37loveskwags219 August 30, 2008
A fun loving person who's best friend's name usually starts with a "f". a person who is a good listener. An attractive lady.
-DUDE, that chick is such a Kristi.
-Kristi, you're awesome!
-WOW,my girlfriend is a Kristi!
by sleeveless June 12, 2005
A woman that waited a long time to get what she wanted. A big boobed, bootied fire princess who sometimes forgets important things like her phone and socks on the couch, but it only makes her more lovable.

A Cake decorating queen whose talent is being hidden in the rush hour workplace.
That's some crazy Kristi type stuff right there!
by Numb Skull February 3, 2010