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1) To begin a, sometimes random and usually pointless task/project, with the full determination and intensity of perfection and completion. When high on crystal meth.
2) Spending an obscene amount of time on a task/project that usually would take no time at all to complete and/or would seem meaningless/pointless to someone else. When high on crystal meth
3) To answer someones question but not fully explaining what one was doing for a long period of time. When high on crystal meth
4) When going through a bin/basket/container full of anything to find what you are looking for; or for nothing in particular in hopes to find something useful. When high on crystal meth
1a) He was flailing with duct-tape and made a pouch to hold Q-Tips in.
1b) I spent all night flailing on the computer coming up with these definitions. (Hardly pointless)
2) John was flailing for 5 hours making something to hold up a book while he typed, even though he has a book holder.
3) "Holy crap, where were you for the last 3 hours?"
"I was flailing....well it sort of turned into a side-flail"
4) I found a box full of random cords and started flailing through it looking for something that might come in handy.
by Fez6911 May 22, 2010
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This term is generally used to describe the activities and motions of a person high on meth trying to do three things at once, none of which matter in the real world.
"Heila, quit flailing and either get dressed to go out or make me a drink, I'm getting bored watching you walk back and forth lining forks up on the kitchen counter."
by Pitgirl March 29, 2008
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An erratic dance mostly performed by ravers its involves no choreography, simply moving to the beat of the music and sometimes involving spinning fire poi or poi with glowsticks.
A. Look at that kid flailing out there on the dance floor!

B. Man that guy sure knows how to flail.
by Zombie boogers November 15, 2008
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Slang for getting really high on crystal meth

to do meth, the act of doing meth
hey were are flailing tonight, lets get flailed!
by +j-phizzle+ May 12, 2007
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the act of or being high on crack..also sometimes coke
i didnt go to sleep.we were flailing all lastnite
by cocainebeautifuLL September 20, 2007
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It is a combination of Flirting and Failing. When your a male or female tries to flirt with the opposite sex, but ends up failing at it.
"Woah look at Jermy getting his Mac on"
"Yeah but hes flailing!"
by That Guy Is Here November 23, 2011
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