Post Script. A way to add something you forgot after writing a letter.
P.S. Pick up a quart of milk before you come home.
by EJL December 12, 2003
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1.Post Script

2.Pen Spinning


1. PS: Dont sleep late.

2. I love PS, it looks so 1337.

3. If you are ugly you can always PS your pics.

4. My PS broke.
by SPYderBra May 09, 2005
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1. Post script

2. Photoshop

3. Pen spinning

4. Private School

5. Playstation
1. PS: don't be late

2. Bad Picture? PS it

3. PS takes serious skill man!

4. I hate rich PS kids

5. PS vs. XBox? The greatest Debate of the Universe
by S1R_St1N3 January 07, 2012
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Used to catch attention as in "by the way", can be said before or after a phrase, adding an extra piece of information to the conversation or just calling attention to your comment.
PS, he was really unfortunate looking.
I really want to leave, PS.

PS, I got the creepiest myspace comment ever today.

PS, he was really ridiculously hot.
by Sara and Erica January 01, 2006
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An abreviation for "Phone Sex."
Hey Steve, can we have some hot PS tonight? ;)
by OkieButtons May 24, 2008
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