A group of kokichi kinnies is called a Kock

A group account by the name of The_Kocks on twitter are a group of kokichi kins who started this trend in the drtwt community on twitter called “The Nations” which is are more group accounts of different Danganronpa kinnies.
Example: "have you ever seen a kock of kinnies at a convention? shit's wild man."
by Ashtern August 20, 2020
A rather... hilarious alternate name for the couple of Spock and Kirk from Star Trek TOS.
Fangirl : OMG, I, like, SOOOOOO see why people ship Kock!
other person: Call it Spirk, you idiot. People already stare at us funny.
by The Closet Fangirl April 2, 2010
when you take a knock at a man's cock.
"I kocked him so hard last night, it was so amazing, until he kocked me."
by Strawberry Dick Cake September 18, 2016
when you play tanki and you dont want to get banned so instead of saying cock, you say kock
haha i killed u

eat a kock
by Johnny Cracker 2.0 May 5, 2015
Aternate spelling of cock used to infer that your boss is a penis.
Used to avoid swear filters in corporate systems.
Chris is such a kock
by Jeremy Boorassa July 8, 2005
Laughing so hard it's like you're choking on cock or deepthroating.
"Katelyn, did you see how hard Jessica was laughing at that meme? She was Basically KOCKING.
by Gabbienham September 2, 2017