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A kirk will be the most amazing person you will ever meet.. a kirk knows how to pleasure a woman just right.. someone anyone would be lucky to marry... a kirk is one of kind and if you ever meet one, you will be the luckiest person in the world.. it would be your joy to fall in love with a kirk..
I'm so lucky to have a kirk in my life..

You are down? Go find a kirk.
by yourfavoriteforever November 07, 2011
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aloof, mysterious, misunderstood, creative, wise, understanding, empathetic, carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. Constantly thinking big, a humanitarian, philosophical, intelligent. Very slow to anger, but when pushed to breaking point, fights like a demon. periodically lapses into bouts of depression. A romantic (secretly) prefers to play it cool, a drifter. Potentially as bad-ass as John Connor. His presence lingers. A spectre at times, dissappearing into the ether.
I got distracted by a passing gypsy, and then - like a kirk - he was gone!....
by cobblestone joe July 15, 2010
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A really awesome guy, who looks at you with smiling eyes, and makes your heart jump, and your face go bright red like hot chill! He's give's out such lovely compliments and is such a gentlemen.
You: Hey Kirk, how's it going?

Kirk: I'm sweet, how are you? you're looking real fact you always do.

You: *bright red, fanning your face* Owww Kirk! *melt*
by Curly Wind February 27, 2012
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A total Studgod, masterful in every way. Great King and Ruler, loved by women and adored by children, envied by men for being so awesome and wealthy and having a big unit and balls of steel.
I hope when I grow up I can be a Kirk.

They all bowed down to his great Kirkness and kissed his butt.

The baseball star was a real Kirk.

The women dream of being with Kirk.

The football player was trying to become a Kirk.
by Daveone July 27, 2006
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Having a kirk is when you achieve the ultimate sexual experience that all human males have fantasized about every day since the beginning of time -- that is, banging a gorgeous, green skinned alien.
The term 'kirk' is a direct reference to when Captain Kirk got his hands on Marta, the smoking hot alien babe from the infamous Star Trek episode "Whom Gods Destroy" filmed way back in 1969
Guy: "How'd it go with Breanna last night?"
Other Guy: "Well, she's alright, but I just can't seem to quit dreaming about getting a kirk"
Guy: "Tell me about it..."
by channel_panel July 22, 2018
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