A combination of the name Kirk and Spock from Star Trek. Can be used to describe their friendship or a romantic relationship between them, although primarily romantic.
Fangirl 1: oh my god, spirk is totally canon!
Fangirl 2: I know, I just love them together. It's like they're basically already together even if it isn't technical.

alternative way

Fangirl 3: Spock and Kirk are such great friends!
Fangirl 4: Yeah, they really care about eachother.
by Spnfanatic August 15, 2016
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The yaoi pairing of Captain Kirk and Commander Spock, from Star Trek. Widely considered canon.

Most Spirk fanfics are either pointless fluff, or insanely dirty sex scenes with no plot whatsoever. If you find a good fanfic that has an actual plot and isn't pointless fluff, good for you!
Many people consider Spirk to be canon, because of the Backrub Scene in the TOS episode, Shore Leave.
by Spirk Is Uber Hot January 05, 2010
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A portmanteau for the slash pairing between Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk from Star Trek.
"Did you read the new spirk?"
"Yes!! *squeeee*"
by jmtp March 17, 2008
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past tense of the verb spirk.

when you are cummed on in the facial area, or cum on someone in the facial area.
dude i spirked all over that chick!

wow, she got spirked bad.
by some manly beast April 13, 2010
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the combination of a fork, spoon, and knife into one useful implement
spirk - http://www.yooralla.com.au/DVAGRAPHICS/AH01-0009.jpg
by Dan Cardin August 01, 2008
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Spirk: A combination of the words knife, fork and spoon. How it works is that it acts just like a spork, but on the front of it there is a blade which is used for cutting but also to get a better grip on the utensil by pressing your fingers on the sides of the blade.
They are only using a spirk to eat their meal without having to use 2-3 different utensils.
by Kierahn January 11, 2022
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