drtwt is short for danganronpa twitter, and is the twitter stan group for the danganronpa series.
it is often hated by other platforms for the danganronpa fandom - usually because of the fact that most people who acknowledge themselves as apart of drtwt have strong beliefs about canon sexualities and gender identities of characters.
ironically, the most popular points of discussion in drtwt are the problematic parts of danganronpa and lots of people who are apart of drtwt (or are danganronpa fans in general) are embarrassed to say so, whether jokingly or not.
"what the fuck is up with drtwt and their piss jokes"
by loverivals October 14, 2020
danganronpa fans on twitter that can usually be found arguing about whether or not somebody is gay despite the game being about teenagers forced to kill each other

stay away at all costs
u ever almost befriend somebody but then find out theyre on drtwt
by aarghh c coom arghh October 22, 2020