Getting pregnant or knocked up and then getting an abortion or losing the baby to a miscarriage or other misfortune.
Jenny- Did you hear? Amanda got knocked up and down over spring break
Ben- No way! You have to wait until the third month to get knocked down!
by grooved.out.152660 June 17, 2011
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A lovely little phrase with a dual meaning, both of which were coined by English speaking nations.

In the UK, it means "to knock on one's door in order to rouse them from their slumber". However, in the US, the younger and slightly more risqué cousin of the UK, it is a form of the verb phrase 'to knock up', which refers to the act of impregnating someone.

Remember to be mindful of your speech when travelling abroad.
British Man: "When would you like me to knock you up tommorrow?"
American Woman: "Who's gonna do what now!?"
by TheNineteenth January 29, 2015
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The favorite chant of 45’s “base” once he makes pussy grabbing his top administrative priority.
As he stood at the podium wearing his MAGA cap and getting a blowjob from a twenty-something supporter, the crowd’s chant of “knock her up!” was deafening.
by Dr Bunnygirl July 27, 2019
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To wake you up tomorrow. It goes back to the days in before alarms where they used to come around and knock on your door to wake you up. Moden UK or british type hotel clerks will still use the saying.
I'll knock you up in morning, we'll suck a quick fag and be off.
by Pokerman11 January 31, 2008
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When someone lists reasons why they hate you, then change the running order. For example, move reason #3 to reason #1.
Bender: So it's settled! Elzar will teach me to cook.
Elzar: Absolutely not.
Bender: Aw, come on, I watch your show. You owe me!
Elzar: I owe you nothing. For starters your antenna's in my crotch, also I hate you, and finally, you can't cook for squat.
Bender: (he cries) What was the first one again?
Elzar: I hate you.
Bender: I thought that was the number two.
Elzar: I knocked it up a notch! BAM!!
by Lugs-o October 19, 2004
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To have made a massive, catastrophic blunder. An extension of the more common "screwed the pooch," which adds a more severe consequence to the metaphorical action.
Since invading Iraq, President Bush and his advisors have really screwed the pooch and knocked it up.
by ElOjo December 22, 2007
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