A saying from England that means to knock on your door. If your related to somebody from england, tell them that and see what they say.
English Man: Can I knock you up? American Lady: NO! YOU CREEP
by Badasscrackermotherfucker August 21, 2011
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when a girl gets pregant by a guy who doesnt give a fuck
dayum R you got knocked the fuck up
by k-k-k February 26, 2006
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Usally when a person is on the ground and their knocked out, and you go up to them and make fun of them
"Bob" Got knocked out by "Fred" And "George" said to his face, "You got knocked the fuck up"!
by Lil' Lp July 08, 2005
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When a woman or couple takes "barefoot and pregnant" to the next level (usually considered a fantasy fetish due to the high financial cost). In addition to doing all the tasks associated with being barefoot and pregnant (cooking, cleaning, keeping the house in good working order, providing and raising children for the man of the house, etc.), the woman will be naked any time she is at home, always providing for her husband's viewing pleasure and sexual gratification. She will also insist on always being pregnant and having as many children as possible (until she either reaches a certain age or her eggs dry out). If she isn't currently pregnant, she's trying to get that way.

Explanations for taking it that extra step include some combination of the following:
- One or both members of the couple is a nymphomaniac
- One or both members of the couple was raised with the breeder mindset
- They have a submissive/dominant relationship (woman/man, respectively)

The financial cost of engaging in a “naked and knocked up” relationship is that of raising a constantly growing family. Roughly every 10 months, you'd have another mouth to feed/body to clothe. Only certain professions by the breadwinner can support the high demands of such a lifestyle.
Guy 1: Your wife just had your 4th child and already wants another? Wow, she must love being barefoot and pregnant.
Guy 2: Yeah, she does. It’s too bad I don’t make enough money to keep her naked and knocked up.

Stan wrote erotica, mostly about women who wanted to be naked and knocked up, as a side gig. Ironically, his wife was anything but that, having only had 2 children, seven years apart.
by Prof K1792 November 22, 2020
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