Allison is an ugly bag of bones who is a knocked up, ho with a married man's bastard baby. Good luck to that child, Nicolai.
by Anya Marie. September 01, 2009
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It’s a different version of no-nut November but you get to have sex every day of November and get as many people pregnant as physically possible.
Yo are you participating in knock up november.
Knock up November is when you get as many people pregnant as possible
by Jason fastcome November 11, 2019
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When you are banging a girl against a wall, then you perform a shocker and right as you are about to cum, you go back into her vagina, attempting to knock her up.
"Last night I was banging my big tiddy goth gf, when I accidentally did the Shock up Knock up."
by anarchy morty November 08, 2019
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