Pipe down - basically telling someone to be quiet or telling someone to shut up.
Pipe down will you, I'm trying to do my History homework.
Please pipe down I'm trying do my my History and Physics homework!
by History! November 15, 2016
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pipe down/pipe tf down- when someone is acting wild and is too turnt and need to be reminded to chill. (Another way of saying chill)
bob-"let's do coke and get lit"
Nick-"you are too fucking turnt you need to pipe the fuck down like pipe down fam your wilding "
by beanvean June 11, 2017
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Originally a naval expression. It means stop talking and be quiet. The Pipe Down was the last signal from the Bosun's pipe each day which meant "lights out" and "silence".
You better pipe down when she's talking to you!
by martini February 3, 2005
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verb. To lower one's voice; to stop yelling, whining, complaining, etc. To partake of marijuana utilizing a pipe or bowl.
1. "Pipe down over there! We've heard enough of your bitching and complaining all fucking day today."
2. "You kids better pipe down, or else when your father gets done with his phone call, he's gonna be whooping some little asses!"
3. "Hey bro, meet us behind the shed in like 30 minutes man.....me and Mike are gonna 'pipe down' on some cronic dude ...."
by JKong October 1, 2013
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To fuck another person. This is a spin of lay the pipe, but in a much more poignant manner.
I was piping down this bitch last night when, all of a sudden, her roommate walked into the room. Then I piped her down too.
by Nautilus January 25, 2005
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