To make or become HIV Positive.
He said he was neg, but he knocked up my friend. Now he's poz.
by Jo-Jo 303 December 05, 2009
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some body that got pregnant and the dude ran away.
hey did u guys hear
Abellana got knocked up
o every body knows that
by andrue May 23, 2007
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Non-offensive slang for becoming pregnant with child to a petty criminal.
Oh shit, Kat that irritating cam girl from the .rars has gone and gotten knocked up again, the fucking lame arse threads shes going to post now.
by persay October 16, 2005
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Man I was out on parole and I knocked up some cam whore, thank god I got locked back up cause she had one fat ass!
by Bob Darren September 27, 2005
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A woman so attractive you want to get pregnant to keep her.
The attractive level must surpass a desire to not have children. It will even override common sense however the woman must be a true beauty, not a decent one.
1. That Naomi Komaki is so hot I want to get her pregnant so she would have to stay with me. She's a real knock up knock out.
2. That knock up knock out is so hot I put a hole in the condom.
by Eater of Cherries September 24, 2004
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Getting pregnant and then losing the baby or fetus due to miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant death. Also known as KuKd.
by uzbekmurf July 12, 2008
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