19 definitions by Slammer

1. A revelation that that registers upmost surprise due to its randomness and unbelievability.

2. Unexplained absence without due notice.
1. Me "How's this for a bombshell- I fucked that old battler last night after everyone lashed"

You "dooooooooooo bang!"

2. Me "you coming to work tomorrow"
You "nah, i might bomshell that shift in the morning"
Me "doooooooooo bang!"
by Slammer March 11, 2005
1. Extreme desire for something esp material.
"I got the sickest vendetta, when it comes to the chedda". 50 cent.
by Slammer September 20, 2006
Knock up that gram of dope and we'll pipe down.
by Slammer September 1, 2003
"My wooza may be short, but the bastard is a real munter 'cos it has heaps of width"
by Slammer August 24, 2003
Any old and dodgy ass automobile with fucked-up sounds emanating from it due to its mechanical dramas.
That fucking rattler battles. Get it the fuck outa my driveway before I shit myself.
by Slammer August 24, 2003
(Australia) A random cunt on his P-Plates.
Check out the aggots on that glamma penis plater!! I'd love to suck on those munters.
by Slammer August 24, 2003
1. A person (esp. male) who struggles in any particular situation/field of expertise. Usually a dodgy, dirty cunt also.
2. An unsuccessful minger.
Fuck that Pip Edwards is a battler. He should be shot.
by Slammer August 24, 2003