19 definitions by Slammer

1. Cash, often procured through suspect means.

2. Cheese.

"I got the sickest vendetta, when it comes to the chedda" 50 cent.
by Slammer September 20, 2006
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A drink- short for beverage.
At mcdonalds...
me : "Just a small bevva please"
maccas chump : "what the fuck?"
by Slammer September 04, 2003
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Someone who battles like a fat kid in P.E. Preferable, however, to a MUNTER, who is a hardcore fucked unit.
There are so many mingers here I think I might claw my eyes out with a spatlula.
by Slammer August 24, 2003
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(Australia) A random cunt on his P-Plates.
Check out the aggots on that glamma penis plater!! I'd love to suck on those munters.
by Slammer August 24, 2003
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Gossip which is not derogatory, more informative and entertaining.
How was the party last night? Any salami?
by Slammer May 12, 2004
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Any old and dodgy ass automobile with fucked-up sounds emanating from it due to its mechanical dramas.
That fucking rattler battles. Get it the fuck outa my driveway before I shit myself.
by Slammer August 24, 2003
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The greatest footballer currently playing the game: Justin Leppitsch of the brisbane lions- incidently, the greatest team of all time. The red terror is Domination personified.
That's another touch for the Red Terror!!
by Slammer May 10, 2004
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