Slang for cutey or "Kish" for cute. derived from gambian word of same meaning
Man, that kid is Kish.

hey kishi, wanna bowl?
by kishi capone April 27, 2006
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Kishy is a mashup of the words squishy and kissable. It is used to describe someone or something that is cute and lovable.

This adjective is generally used to describe one's face. If they have squishy cheeks you just can't resist the temptation to kiss them, the person has a kishy face.
Look at her, she has such a kishy kishy face! :)
by bearbaer February 8, 2013
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kishi is controlling, dont fw us or ill fuck ur mom
omg kishi? the best group ever
by cyrusz November 5, 2021
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fren: "o here comes kishi"
fren2: "lol she never gro"
by jammie xo March 21, 2019
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Kishi has so many appendages. You never know where he'll touch you next.
by red_skating February 21, 2010
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a weeb. and a very active anime enthusiast.
very short, probably one of the shortest people you know. but that's ok! she can be really nice *sometimes*.
probably posts video edits on instagram.
bottom? haha no
kishi is not a bottom and that's on periodt
by jammie xo April 18, 2020
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a 400lb woman who constantly sweats no matter the weather conditions. Can usually be seen fanning herself, even in the dead of winter.
Did you hear that Spivey hooked up with a kishi last night. Boy he must have been hammered.
by P. Freely January 7, 2005
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