In normal circumstances, keystrokes is describing the act of typing something using a keyboard.

However, on the internet, specifically Gelbooru and other hentai picture sites, it's caught on as a meme*. It's used by members who are presumably masturbating to said pictures, and since comments can't be posted with fewer than three to four characters, they just either post "keystrokes" in all caps or many times.

It's used similarly to "fap" in this regard, which is the onomatopoeia for masturbation.

*A meme is a fad almost always exclusive to the internet that very quickly grows insanely popular.
-Any hentai picture.-


Anon2- Keystrokes keystrokes keystrokes

Anon3- Fapfapfapfap
by InqAlice June 4, 2011
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When your one word comment is top notch perfection, but rule 34 tells you "a few more keystrokes would actually be interesting".

Instead of adding more to your comment, adding the word keystrokes, or multiple, is the way to go.
You: "Boobz gud"
The site: A few more keystrokes would actually be interesting...
You: "Boobz gud keystrokes keystrokes"
by Didsomebodytakethisname April 30, 2021
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Example for 'keystroker':

"Anyone leet is a keystroking fucktard."
by Figleaf23 August 5, 2007
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A person who uses the internet to bolster their flagging self esteem usually by insulting others and/or making hateful throwaway remarks.

Not to be confused with Trolls, keystrokers are in fact capable of intelligent and constructive actions, they simply prefer to have fun at other peoples expense. Anyone objecting to this definition as being "hateful" may be doing so as a keystroking move.
ChatGod:"The shuitlle crash was so funny, I wet myself laughing!"
CovertWalrus:"You, ChatGod, are a keystroker. No doubt."
by D F Stuckey February 20, 2004
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A class type in the Roblox game Black magic. They are used by typing in a combo of keys really fast, like stroking keys, to do a move. An example of an easier keystroke class is Berzerker, which uses strokes that contain three to four keys on average. Examples: ddsc sax sdq asdq wdaq wwq ddq ssq aaq. A harder keystroke is Terumi which you have to buy to use. The keystrokes for that one contain about three to four keys but they are spread around the board sdp dasp are two, and they can be harder to use. Also if you get "gud" at a keystroke you will be a near god in Black Magic, so learn one to win good. Thats all I know.
"This class doesn't work?!?"

"bro u nub its a keystroke and ur to lame to use one u nub lmao rekt savage" (and other Roblox insults
by SomeLooserOnTheInternet February 27, 2018
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Definition 1: Stroking your girlfriend or wife's bottom gently with or without clothes on to send her to sleep so she stops talking. Then you look and monitor to see if its working.

Definition 2: Something IT and security guys/girls, neighbors, google, yahoo, MS and others do to either:

To check what your up to and use it against you at some point OR use it in a positive way for password recognition patterns to protect you.

Sometimes a keyboard dongle may be unobtrusively inserted between the keyboard and computer to capture all keystrokes including power-on passwords or sometimes they do this by the back-door method via email text or an image, video or CD gift. Phreaking can now also capture keystrokes from text.
Definition 1: She's talking too much and I've had a hard day at the office so I think I'll use my "keystroke monitor" tactic to shut her up for 5 minutes.

Definition 2: The telecommunications guy should have worked for NEWS OF THE WORLD to invoke KEYSTROKE MONITORING on my computer. Gosh he gave me a CD and often sends me videos or tells me to check out a link. Sneaky sneaky!
by THE ENHANCED July 11, 2011
When a guy stops penetration during intercourse and starts kissing while inside a woman to delay having to bust.
Mistaken with being romantically charged.
I had to keystroke it because I don't want to I didn't want to finish, become a parent or make it look like a hit and run
by Rashaadrapmore February 24, 2022
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