US Military terminology: the act of pointing the barrel of a firearm at another member of the US Military. Used especially during close-combat situations and during training.
During basic rifle marksmanship in basic training, a private got tackled for flagging a drill sergeant.

When clearing rooms, you must pay close attention to your muzzle so as to not flag your buddy.
by PFC King September 1, 2005
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n. The act of wearing keys, colored handkerchiefs or other objects on the body to indicate sexual interests. Worn on left to indicate you're a bottom, on the right to indicate you're a top. There are several contradictory lists saying what each color code indicates. Mostly used in the gay male culture, and has branched out to lesbian and BDSM cultures, but may be dying out.
verb. to flag
He was flagging green, but I couldn't tell if it was hunter green or forrest green without my color chips.
by Peter November 24, 2003
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The advanced skill of holding your body horizontal while gripping on to a various pole. This activity requires great skill and stamina, but when done correctly, is totally amazing.
Fred: "Dude, you should go flag that street light pole."
Daryl: "Haha, yeah right. I don't have the core strength for flagging."
by Late-skeezy June 3, 2009
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whilst climbing, this is the act of throwing a leg to a certain position that gives you more balance or allows you to reach an otherwise unreachable hold.
By flagging his right leg, Tristan was able to reach the final hold on the route.
by CooCooCoo February 3, 2006
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In the game type Capture the Flag, the act of moving towards your own base as fast as possible, usually involving ignoring enemies on the way, thus putting yourself at risk. First used by the Call of Duty 2 and 4 clan, 1337.
Zach: Woah! How did you score the flag so quickly?
Derek: I pulled out my pistol, ignored all the enemies, and started flagging back to our base.
by Derek Money November 6, 2007
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the act of taking any item into the restroom with you. i.e: book,laptop,phone,handheld game,Pokemon cards,food,dogs and cats,notebooks,briefcases.
She knew she would be in the bathroom for a long time,so she pondered flagging her laptop so she could surf the web while she took a crap.
by LL87 April 2, 2009
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Poking them with your dick
We spooned and he kept flagging me
by oopsshediditagain January 10, 2016
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