Another word that should be normal but really means dick
"Touch my dongle," said jacksfilms
by Metrosexual hitler January 10, 2017
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a small double-ended cord used to use headphones on the IPhone 7. One end plugs into where you charge your phone, and the other plugs into your headphones.
aw man! I can't use my headphones because I lost my dongle!
by lexslayme November 29, 2016
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A piece of computer hardware that is provided with software. This hardware has to be attached to the computer (example: Printer port) to allow the software to work.
The CAD program SOLIDEDGE won't work unless the dongle is installed.
by TheWun1 May 21, 2003
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1. (noun) A USB device designed specifically to drive the owner to the point of insanity. Contains hidden software aimed at disconnecting from the internet mid-conversation thus causing maximum disruption and annoyance. 2. (noun) A small plastic toy used by cats to chase along wooden floor at 5am. 3. (noun) A primative alarm clock when used in conjunction with definition 2
He's in a bad mood today, he got dongled in the early hours.

Man i was chatting to a really hot girl online when i got hit by a dongle. Bummer.
by cds2212 February 4, 2010
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A short adaptor cable to convert between different plug conventions.
Dang, I lost the dongle to connect the DVI out to the VGA projector.
by not-just-yeti February 4, 2004
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