A site very similar to Danbooru, only somehwat less crappy, in that you dont need to sign up and pay to fap to the contents. It features user-uploaded hentai images.

I, unfortunatly, know little more about it, because I dont really contribute. I usually only go there to mooch off of the impressive supply of Lolicon.
Person A: I'm getting bored with my hentai stash. I need some new stuff.
Person B: Have you tried Gelbooru?
by HamsterFaice May 4, 2009
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A much better alternative to the user-supported hentai/anime image source website, Danbooru.

I could write several paragraphs on why Gelbooru is better than Danbooru. However, most of the people I speak to feel it is superior for these few reasons:

-A full-access account (or any account, for that matter) is *not* required to search more than two tags at once (for example, you can search "blonde_hair ponytail beach beach_ball smile ice_cream" on Gelbooru, whereas you can only search "blonde_hair ponytail" on Danbooru without an account).

-There are more tags available to search.

-There are thousands of shotacon and lolicon images on Gelbooru, whereas there are close to none on Danbooru.

-There is usually less maintenance downtime and lag.

Generally, Gelbooru is *tremendously* better than Danbooru.
If you search "mcdonalds' on Gelbooru, one of the first images you will see is a Super-Saiyan Ronald McDonald.
by Dr. Dick Delaware June 18, 2011
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