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A class type in the Roblox game Black magic. They are used by typing in a combo of keys really fast, like stroking keys, to do a move. An example of an easier keystroke class is Berzerker, which uses strokes that contain three to four keys on average. Examples: ddsc sax sdq asdq wdaq wwq ddq ssq aaq. A harder keystroke is Terumi which you have to buy to use. The keystrokes for that one contain about three to four keys but they are spread around the board sdp dasp are two, and they can be harder to use. Also if you get "gud" at a keystroke you will be a near god in Black Magic, so learn one to win good. Thats all I know.
"This class doesn't work?!?"

"bro u nub its a keystroke and ur to lame to use one u nub lmao rekt savage" (and other Roblox insults
by SomeLooserOnTheInternet February 27, 2018
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