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A form of flirting using words via the Urban Dictionary which has the potential to lead to positive fireworks or firewalls in a potential relationship. One person humorously enters a word and definition in the Urban Dictionary as a flirtatious diss and the other responds with an ever better one and so it continues and one day............all hell breaks loose and/or they marry. It's a testing type of relationship, testing of the minds and intelligence.
She woke up one morning and decided it was time for some URBAN WARFARE as he had shown off one too many times with his ENHANCED vocabularly. Keep it simple stupid!
by THE ENHANCED July 11, 2011
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Def !: Used in the UK as a way of calling someone stupid. More recently used in the USA.

Def 2: Traditionally used in information security and telecommunications related to a 10Base5 thicker coaxial cable. Also known as THICKNET. It is longer than ThinNet and is more resistant to electrical interference (NOISY ENVIRONMENTS). Non-techno savvy people use the word THICK with the double-entendre above when the telecommunications and information security gurus hack in and think they don't know the victim is aware of it.
Def 1: He went to university and could recite scientific principals but learnt nothing about life, he must be as THICK as two planks.

Def 2: The telecommunications guy and a rather dodgy neighbor both believe that woman doesn't know they're phreaking her or using the back door to her computer. Gosh, they must be THICK.
by THE ENHANCED July 11, 2011
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An information security program called a FUR COAT used to protect a frame or packet as it travels through networks and to create deterrent logs which are audited within a second of infiltration. Established in July 2011, the analagy of fur surrounding a leather lining is used to indicate extra protection from the elements, from hackers and other unauthorized activities.
My new friend is in the telecommunications and information security business and he asked if I wear a FUR COAT when I talk to him via email or use text on my phone.

In 2011, Skype has a built-in fur coat I understand that records logs which are audited by the second and are entrapping hackers and nosey friends.
by THE ENHANCED July 11, 2011
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A guy who lives within a 100ft of you and enters your computer by the back door to find out all about you then uses that to wind you up and play silly games. He also phreaks you out.

The term "neighbor" is also used for telecommunications guys and girls who walk or drive by within 350 ft (or up to a mile) with empty cans resembling cola cans or coffee mugs which they use as a listening device.
The baseball caps have arrived, they're walking about aimlessly outside as usual and look, there's the "neighbor" walking by with his empty cola can listening to what we're saying. Maybe we should introduce them & have them listen to each other instead of us.
by THE ENHANCED July 11, 2011
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Definition 1: Stroking your girlfriend or wife's bottom gently with or without clothes on to send her to sleep so she stops talking. Then you look and monitor to see if its working.

Definition 2: Something IT and security guys/girls, neighbors, google, yahoo, MS and others do to either:

To check what your up to and use it against you at some point OR use it in a positive way for password recognition patterns to protect you.

Sometimes a keyboard dongle may be unobtrusively inserted between the keyboard and computer to capture all keystrokes including power-on passwords or sometimes they do this by the back-door method via email text or an image, video or CD gift. Phreaking can now also capture keystrokes from text.
Definition 1: She's talking too much and I've had a hard day at the office so I think I'll use my "keystroke monitor" tactic to shut her up for 5 minutes.

Definition 2: The telecommunications guy should have worked for NEWS OF THE WORLD to invoke KEYSTROKE MONITORING on my computer. Gosh he gave me a CD and often sends me videos or tells me to check out a link. Sneaky sneaky!
by THE ENHANCED July 11, 2011
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