Kevine is a girl that is very pretty and hate on people easily. She shy and pretty.
Kevine is a Gorgeous girl dad get mad easily.
by Loveyourlife2049 March 15, 2017
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When you commit a typographical error, but the error itself just happens to be another correctly-spelled word that _might_ actually work in the current context, which makes it far more confusing and hard to spot than if it were just a misspelled word.
Kevin: Hey look, my murder is on the TV!

Everyone Else (after a period of confusion): ..... did you maybe mean "mother"? .....

Kevin: whoops sorry

Everyone Else: Looks like Kevin is Kevining again...
by gtdishboy October 7, 2019
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Kevin is just Kevin
"Yes Kevin"
by Praise_Thy_Lord May 13, 2021
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Kevinism is the best religion ever. It is a religion dictated by thy almighty Kevin Karakas for all eternity under the Prophet Emil's name.
Person A: What's Kevinism?
Person B: STFU uneducated bitch.
by Prophet Emil September 13, 2021
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A Kevin, especially a second generation Kevin, is such a sweet and handsome man that everyone wants to get to know. He never fails to make you laugh. Kevin is always there when you need him and knows exactly what to say at the right time. No matter how stubborn you may be, a Kevin knows how to bring you back down to Earth. He is very calm and levelheaded. A Kevin can talk to you for hours and the conversation never gets old. He is a very good listener, who makes you see things in ways you would never dream of seeing otherwise. Kevin can be quite the head turner, but he is always loyal. He deeply cares about trust and it can be extremely hard to earn it back once it is gone. A Kevin loves passionately and once he has fallen for someone special, he would do anything and everything in his power to keep her. He always knows how to make you feel like the most beautiful and special girl in the world. There is never a dull moment with a Kevin.
Wow, Lo sure is lucky to have a guy like Kevin as the love of her life.
by lolodavis98 January 6, 2016
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Kevin is a sweet guy . He is funny and loves to cuddle around with you . He is also very caring . He always says yes to you because he can't resist you . He is a simp. But a very cute simp. I had a boyfriend called Kevin . He was very cute and he loved to be with me . When we went out to eat he'd sit next to me in the car . He was so nice when i went to his house , i would cuddle with him when he would play call of duty and he would let me play . When he went to my house we'd play truth or dare . We broke up but i hope he can take me back . If you are reading this Kevin . I love You !!
Me: do you have a great boyfriend Friend: YES!! Me: You must have a KEVIN
by IlovemyKevin November 25, 2020
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Kevinism is the religion of Lord Kevin Mahaney. Early records of Kevinism go back to 0 B.C. One of the most important symbols of Kevinism is the Bush´s baked bean can. The religion is very common in greater Cincinnati. Followers of the religion are often baptised in a bathtub full of steaming ramen noodles. The initiations of Kevinism is rumoured to be very violent.
Kevinism is the only religion anyone should follow.
by Will Golden November 19, 2018
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